HOW TO DEAL WITH DEFEATS AND MOVED ON IN A RELATIONSHIP 2023. whatsApp him on this +2349052617210

  • Dr Mudi
  • 25th, May 2023


One thing I hated about myself was I easily accept defeats so as to make peace and please people even when they are wrong. I had no idea pleasing people can affect my marriage in a negative way. 
When I caught my Husband cheating with a familiar lady, I made a face of defeat and ignored his actions hoping he will change. But I was shocked as he keep expanding his coast, using my weakness against me because I could easily forgive.It was already unbearable and too late to restore my marriage when I met Dr Mudi for help a month after my husband brought a lady to our home and ordered me to leave if I can’t cope. Isn’t that crazy? The lady did everything possible to make me feel uncomfortable and later succeeded when I left home with our 19month old daughter but she never knew I went to seek for a permanent solution to our marital mishap though I was not able to stop thinking of my Husband while Dr Mudi was casting the spell on us. The result was actualized when he came crying to take us back, promising and proving at the same time he has changed, not only that, I realized I’ve gain total confidence on my decisions and stopped pleasing people when not necessary. Dr Mudi is indeed awesome and genuine” according to my Husband who pleaded to people undergoing relationship or marital problems to email Dr Mudi for total restoration without any negative repercussions via whatsApp him on this +2349052617210

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